Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cultural differences make marital woes

You know I thought love conquers all.

Simple things are so hard to understand until you figure out what it is that is wrong. Like yesterday, there was a woman in the grocery store with a hajib, a caucasian woman with a hajib. my hubby - being muslim saw her and pointed at her and wanted to stand there and analyze what culture and race she was, as seeing a woman in hajib is rare in our town - no talk about a white woman. I just turned the corner and kept going.

So here is the long and short of it. I am Canadian - we know staring is rude. pointing and staring is ruder. We do our best to be accepting of all differences and we may see them and acknowledege them and even give a little thumbs up or down in our head. But we do not make a big deal. But in my husbands culture it is perfectally okay to stare and point (so he says) SIGH

So needless to say, he though I was disrespecting and ignoring him and I was just embarrassed that he would point and stare and he gave me the silent treatment for hours until he finally told me why he was peeved and then I was pissed right off.

So that is another point of contention. I feel it is good to talk about what is bugging you . Understand it and then move on. And he does the silent treatment and for the most part I do not know he is upset but sometimes I will ask who peed in his cornflakes and he does not talk so what does that accomplish? I ask you what does it accomplish!!!!!!!!?????

I want to be in love and happy-or at least passionate. I want to live. I want a man that can not live with out me that wants to be with me and sharing with me and and and...
God give me strength and help me understand

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