Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finished Object - Made with Love layette sweater and hat

I finished my Made with Love sweater and hat for Max (Namjel's yet to be born baby boy)

Details of
seed stitch hearts on the
<-back and the front->

I put 5 hearts of Chart 2 around the bottom. There is 103 stitches around 4 stitches for each button band leaving 95. This allows you to work 5 stitches between each heart (chart of 13 stitches)as well as 5 before and after each button band. I believe the sweater I made will fit an 24 month old easily. I did 6 buttons. I love how this turned out. It is actually a denim colour although it look like it has a bit of a purple tint. I will likely make this pattern again for my granddaughter although she is a big 2 year old. I may need to adjust a bit.

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